ThoughtScape Comics #1-2

by Matt Mair Lowery

ThoughtScape Comics is back with issue #2 -- and if you missed issue #1, you can pick it up here too!

A new sci-fi anthology comic book series in the tradition of 2000 AD, Black Mirror and The Twilight Zone, each issue is 48+ pages long and features both serialized and self-contained stories written by Matt Mair Lowery (Scout Comics' Lifeformed) and drawn by some of the most compelling artists in indie comics.

"A beautifully designed high-concept cornucopia, full of playful layouts and innovative art."
- LIAM SHARP (Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, 2000 AD)

"ThoughtScape Comics is the quintessential, beautifully packaged and expertly made serialized sci-fi anthology that comics needs right now."
- LIANA KANGAS (Trve Kvlt, She Said Destroy, Black AF: Devil's Dye)


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ThoughtScape Comics #2 - Print+PDF

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48 pages + story material on inside from and back covers. Color and black + white art. *US Only


ThoughtScape Comics #2 - PDF Only

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PDF/Digital version of the second issue. 48 pages + story material on inside from and back covers. Color and black + white art.


ThoughtScape Comics #1 + #2 - Print+PDFs

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48 pages EACH + story material on inside from and back covers. Color and black + white art. *US Only



ThoughtScape Comics #1 + #2 - PDFs Only

PDF/Digital version of both issues #1 and #2. 48 pages EACH + story material on inside from and back covers. Color and black + white art.


ThoughtScape Comics #1 - PDF Only

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PDF/Digital version of the first issue. 48 pages + story material on inside from and back covers. Color and black + white art.



Behind the Scenes TSC Zine - PDF Only

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Over 100 pages of behind the scenes material related to the creation of ThoughtScape Comics #1! Script pages, test designs and images, art process, brand development and commentary.


ThoughtScape Comics #1 + #2 + Behind the Scenes TSC Zine - all PDFs

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All digital discount bundle


Lifeformed Graphic Novel 2-Pack

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Lifeformed: Cleo Makes Contact and Lifeformed: Hearts and Minds! 200 PAGES EACH! Written by Matt, co-created and with art from Cassie Anderson. *US Only


Year-long paid tier subscription to Nervous System, the TSC Substack newsletter

Bi-weekly posts discussing the making ThoughtScape Comics, with process art and more.


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ThoughtScape Comics, featuring stories written by me, Matt Mair Lowery (Scout Comics' Lifeformed) and drawn by some of the most compelling artists in indie comics, is back with issue #2, and if you missed issue #1, you can pick it up too! Anything is possible in the pages of these taut tales of trauma and transformation, of people pushed past their limits by the gods and monsters they meet - or become - at the edges of reality.


I created ThoughtScape so I could tell the kind of character-driven sci-fi stories I love without guardrails. I wanted to work in a wide variety of tones, styles and formats and with as many of the talented artists I admired as possible. I was confident that if I could collaborate with these folks without worrying about how we fit into a publisher's line or schedule, we could create a unique book that embraced the wide-ranging possibilities of comic book storytelling and provided the kind of immersive, immediate experience that only this medium can.


Some interiors from the brand new issue #2:


Thoughtscape 2319 - art by Dave Law


Griever - art by Jacob Edgar and Lesley Atlansky


Drones - art by Tyrell Cannon



Dash Varrick - art by Karl Slominski



Some interiors from issue #1:


Thoughtscape 2319 - art by Dave Law


A Spy Without a Face - art by Tyrell Cannon


Adorable Orphans - art by Lisa Naffziger


Dash Varrick - art by Karl Slominski



And a few sample pages from the Behind the Scenes Zine:




Matt Mair Lowery is the writer and co-creator (with artist Cassie Anderson) of Lifeformed from Scout Comics and the writer/editor of ThoughtScape Comics. + @mattmlpdx


Grim Wilkins has been creating fun, adventure-filled comics for years. You can find Grim’s work in his creator-owned book MIRENDA, (published by Image Comics), the wonderful tabletop rpg QUEST, sci-fi mega- opus PROPHET EARTH WAR, as well as recent independent comics such as PETRICHOR and CAYREL’S RING. On a nice day you can find him down by the lake looking at birds. + @grimwilkins


Dave Law is the artist and co-creator of the sci-space opera series, The Space Odditorium, artist for the upcoming Paranoid American History comic, and has contributed to Wrong Magnetic Poles and the eclectic anthology Hot Dog Water. + @itsdavelaw


Karl Slominski is a dynamic analogue storyteller in the arenas of comic books and film, whose work focuses on universal, high-concept adventures featuring diverse characters from all walks of life. A graduate of the industry-renown Kubert School Of Cartooning and Graphic Art, Slominski’s work skews toward the traditional hand-crafted illustration and narrative methodology of the great comic book forefathers that inspired him at a young age. + @karlslominski


Tyrell Cannon is a comic book artist living and working in Chicago, IL. Tyrell is known for his comics, Victus and Eris and is the co-creator of BEEF BROS with Aubrey Sitterson. In addition to self-publishing his work, Tyrell has created covers and pinups forDark Horse, Image, and Heavy Metal comics. + @tcannoncomics


Jacob Edgar is a comic book artist whose work has been published by DC Comics, Dark Horse, Metal Hurlant, IDW, Dynamite. + @jcbedgar


Lesley Atlansky is a comic colorist and visual artist living in Portland, Oregon. As a painter and former graphic designer, she brings a unique style and sense of color to comics and enjoys working across many different art styles. + @latlansky


"A beautifully designed high-concept cornucopia, full of playful layouts and innovative art."

- Liam Sharp (Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, 2000 AD)


"ThoughtScape Comics is the quintessential, beautifully packaged and expertly made serialized sci-fi anthology that comics needs right now."

- Liana Kangas (Trve Kvlt, She Said Destroy, Black AF: Devil's Dye)


"Fantastic, artistically diverse and engaging stories of a cool far future world, all tied together with prodigious panache by writer Matt Mair Lowery.  I appreciate the creative use of swearing in the sci fi world of LifeTech."

- Farel Dalrymple (The Often Wrong, Proxima Centauri, It Will All Hurt, Pop Gun War, The Wrenchies, Prophet, Omega the Unknown)


"[A] refreshing take on a timely existential quandary. ThoughtScape captures the dread of humanhood and the insidious nature of technocapitalism-- masterfully crafted as it is emotionally raw and daring."

- Shoshana Sachi (Producer/Writer on HBO Max's Doom Patrol)


"A wild and ambitious head-trip of narratives and styles, THOUGHTSCAPE COMICS is an anarchic sci-fi mosh pit in the grand tradition of 2000 AD."

- David Pepose (Spencer & Locke, Scout's Honor, The O.Z.)


"A brilliant and beautiful distillation of the best things in both sci fi short stories and comics! ThoughtScape Comics is as captivating as it is haunting, each story building another cluster of characters and concepts that'll keep you thinking for days to come. I want precisely another 99 issues of this, please."

- Ryan K Lindsay (Everfrost, Eternal, Deer Editor)


"Packed full of great ideas, fascinating world building and enigmatic characters... a really rather superb read."

- Pipedream Comics


"In rapid, percussive bursts of subversive energy, ThoughtScape tells stories of co-opted thoughts, programmed individualism, and unknown privacy in an infinite universe. Matt Mair Lowery and a startling array of artists have produced a splatter painting of the present in the colors of the future. This is a breath of endorphin-spiked, synthetic pseudo-air pumped in directly from a suffocating hereafter."

- George Pendle, journalist and author of Strange Angel: The Otherworldly Life of Rocket Scientist John Whiteside Parsons


“It takes a Herculean effort to develop new comics, especially when you’re going it alone, where you’re responsible for everything from finding the right collaborative talent to handling the logistical nightmares of crowdfunding and fulfillment. And then along comes Matt Mair Lowery, delivering an entire anthology of new work—groundbreaking, thoughtful new stories to make the rest of us look bad. I HATE YOU, MATT MAIR LOWERY!!!”

- Eric Palicki, Writer (Black's Myth, Atlantis Wasn't Built For Tourists, No Angel), Ringo-nominated editor (Dead Beats, All We Ever Wanted)


“A poignant new sci-fi anthology series, ThoughtScape delivers evocative artwork and does what great science fiction is supposed to, which is make you think.”

- Zack Kaplan (Eclipse, Port of Earth, Lost City Explorers, Join the Future)

Stretch Goals


Stretch Goal #1: LifeTech Confidential [$14,000] 

If we can go $2,500 over our goal, paid-tier Nervous System subscribers - which you can become by selecting the Nervous System Reward - will receive LifeTech Confidential, a six-installment epistolary micro-series*, co-written with the fantastic writer/journalist George Pendle, that tells the story of LifeTech, the techno-maniacal corporation at the center or the ThoughtScape universe (released monthly beginning in March).


*LifeTech Confidential plans are under active development and subject to evolution.



Stretch Goal #2: JUMPSTART Issue #3 [$16,000] 

Work on TSC #3 is already underway, but we need some help to cover outstanding art costs. If we can hit this second stretch goal, it will enable us to wrap up the work and prep and launch a campaign by this fall to fund printing and delivery of the comic.


Stretch Goal #3: TSC Issue #3 [$28,000] 

If we hit this admittedly-aspirational stretch goal, we can skip the campaign for Issue #3 and just head to print with it as soon as the final story is complete and get the comic in your hands by this fall. Issue #3 features a cover by the amazing Valentine Barker, the continuing adventures of Odessa Query and Dash Varrick, a standalone culinary horror tale drawn by Jeremy Brooks and colored by Marcus Cripps, and another killer standalone that I will be announcing the details of soon.


The physical book will be available to ship to U.S.-based supporters only (digital rewards are still available to our international supporters).


Story pages complete. Final layout and design 90% complete (holding for the names of Early Bird backers to be included in the book). Ready to go to print upon funding of the campaign/receipt of funds. Estimated delivery June 2022.


Issue #1 is already printed and in stock/on hand. The pages for issue #2 are completed and ready for printing. In addition to releasing two books through Dark Horse comics, one through Scout Comics, and the first issue of ThoughtScape Comics through Kickstarter, I've been printing and shipping comics on my own for the last couple years and anticipate no extraordinary issues with fulfillment. However, we do live in pandemic-challenged times, and delays or alterations to the project may occur. In such cases, backers will be notified of status regularly. I'm nothing if not an over-communicator, just ask my collaborators.


2022-01-20 00:30:44

Welcome to the campaign!

Matt Mair Lowery

Hello ThoughtScape backers!


First, thanks so much for your support. Day one, and 10% funded with over 50 backers on a relatively new crowdfunding platform?! You all are amazing.


Before I dive into an overall update, a couple quick notes to anyone who is short on time:


1. If you can share the campaign with anyone who might be game for backing the ThoughtScape brand of mind-bending indie sci-fi, now is the time. We need to build some momentum to get attention and get moving at a steady pace toward our goal.

2. There's still time to nab one of the Early Adopter rewards for Early Adopter: ThoughtScape Comics #1 + #2 - Print+PDF and get your name included in one of the in-world ads in issue #2. Maybe a good gift idea too, if you have a comics-loving pal who might enjoy seeing their name in print.



Alright, for those sticking around for the nitty gritty, here's what's been up the past 36 hours or so...


1. Launch! Day One! Nearly 10% funded (and then 10% funded by mid-day today)

2. Over 50 backers!

3. I talked to The Comics Source about ThoughtScape and the campaign. A super fun chat. Give it a listen:

4. I talked with Al Mega at Comic Crusaders. A deep dive into my origin story, and a fun walk through of many details of the TSC world:

5. Comic Book Yeti dropped a wonderful, detailed review of TSC #1 that, as the kids say, made me feel seen. Give it a read:

6. I decompressed from launch day with a viewing of The Killing, my personal favorite Kubrick (okay, MAYBE tied for favorites with Dr. Strangelove, either way you've got Sterling Hayden and all is well). Non-chronological heist action! Dialogue by Jim Thompson! A couple of the most harrowing shots in all of cinema. The Killing is on the Criterion Channel now.



Alright, I've got my work cut out for me for the rest of the week, and am going to get to it. If you happen to be a supporter who is also a comics press or podcaster and would like to talk to me about the project and the campaign, hit me up on Twitter or at


Thank you so much for your support!



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