Time Breakers: The Collection

by Rachel Pollack & Chris Weston

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The adventures of a time-travelling band of trouble-makers determined to create the greatest time-paradox ever imagined: one that might just be responsible for the very existence of the Universe itself!

Veteran comics artist Chris Weston is collecting his creator owned book Time Breakers for the first time ever! The entire run of this mini series, originally for the DC Comics Imprint Helix, is presented as a gorgeous hardcover featuring a brand new cover, character designs, process art and lots more!

This all-new collection is dedicated to Weston’s co-creator and series writer, the late Rachel Pollack.

Time Breakers was originally a five-issue comic book limited series published in 1997 by Helix (an imprint of DC Comics). It was written by the late Rachel Pollack and illustrated by Chris Weston. It has never been reprinted in English since its original publication… until now! This new edition will collect the whole story with a new cover and add a selection of pages rescanned from the original art. 


Dedicated to the memory of Rachel Pollack 1945-2023