Under God

by Dan Membiela

A young woman’s mission of mercy turns deadly as she learns her role in the oppression of those she meant to aid.

This 44-pg. oversized comic will appeal to fans of social science fiction like Stephen King’s The Long Walk, Miller/Gibbons’ Martha Washington series, or Moore/Lloyd’s V for Vendetta.


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Under God PDF

A pdf of the 44 page Under God




Under God Printed Ltd. Edition

44 page, glossy stapled cover, 60# off white paper, physical copy.




Under God Printed, signed w/head sketch

Printed Ltd Edition, signed with a head sketch (of the backer's choosing) on the book.




Under God Retailer Pack

5 copies of the printed Ltd. Edition (35% off the single copy price). Verification of retail address...




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Good Agent 1-7 PDF Bundle

Issues 1-7 of Dan Membiela's Good Agent series in PDF format. Good Agent is a street level hero who...


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Under God Commission Add-On

11 x 17 ink on bristol commission of a character of backer's choosing.



America. The near future. Samantha Skylin is one of a group of high-achieving graduates privileged to be part of a special ceremony on Almsgiving Day: a day of charity. On this day they are part of a charity caravan for those on the other side of the great, big, beautiful walls that separate the holy United States of America from the Unbelievers. Once on the other side of the wall, things quickly go wrong.


Samantha is captured by those she has been protected from her entire life. Now her beliefs and values are in conflict as she sees how those who wish her society harm are forced to live in the shadow of the great border wall.


How will Samantha survive in the land of the Unbelievers?


Under God is being produced in a limited edition print run. Reserve your copy of this unique work of social commentary art.





Here are some examples of the 'Commission Add-On' that supporters can claim above in the ADD-ONS section, as well as a closer look at the 'Oh My (Under) God! Add-On', where one lucky supporter can be drawn into every panel of one page, and some head sketch examples from the 'Under God Printed, signed w/head sketch' Reward:




Dan Membiela is the writer/artist of the series Good Agent, available on Comixology at: tinyurl.com/GoodAgentComic. He also has stories in the anthology series Heat Vision, also available through Comixology at tinyurl.com/HeatVisionComic. His comics often explore social issues. Dan is a first generation Cuban-American. Originally from Miami, Florida, he now lives in Michigan.

Stretch Goals

If the campaign reaches 200% funded, $2,000, then back-up story development material and an upgraded square binding will be unlocked for all physical copies.


May 10, 2022: By the time of my campaign start date (May 10) all of the artwork should be complete, except for the page that will be an add-on where a backer can have themselves drawn into the issue. I expect that all the digital additions to the art (panel borders, tone effects) and lettering will be done by the proposed campaign end date.


June 10 - July 22: An additional 6 weeks to receive feedback from the backer being drawn into the issue, and complete that page and it’s digital effects and lettering.


July 23- August 1: Finalizing digital file for printer and sending to printer.


August 15: Pick up print job from printer.


August 16-31: Prepare mailing list and mailers.


September 1:Ship physical rewards and email digital rewards.


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