Dan Panosian - Urban Barbarian Collected Works

by Dan Panosian

A 8 ½” X 11” 116-page hardcover featuring covers, pin-ups, character designs, sequential pages, sneak peeks, zany commentary, and behind-the-scenes explorations of comic book artist Dan Panosian's greatest works to date.

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The Book

Join Dan Panosian on a 116 page visual adventure of pencil, ink and color! Grit your teeth and furrow your brow – you’re in for a helluva ride! Angry barbarians, bloody axes, motorcycles and reckless women await! Feast your wanton eyes on all the latest Covers, Pin-Ups, Character Designs and Sequential Pages you’ve only dared to dream about!  And just when you’re staggering to your corner, waiting for the bell to ring -- discover behind-the-scenes illustrative explorations for comic book series like John Tiffany, Slots, An Unkindness of Ravens, Alice Ever After, Canary and sneak-peeks into some upcoming projects that will blow your mind to smithereens!  


Does it all sound too dangerous to you? Maybe to some – sure – but since you’re still reading this, I’ll bet this jam-packed art book won’t frighten you a bit!  An 8 ½” X 11” full color examination of Dan Panosian’s best work to date!










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At age 14, Dan Panosian sent an art submission to Marvel Comics, which responded with encouragement. Years later he showcased his work at the New York Comic Convention, where noted comic book artists Neal Adams and Walt Simonson took notice. Adams offered him a position at his ad agency Continuity Graphics and Simonson called his editor, Ralph Macchio, at Marvel Comics. Panosian was soon working for both companies. Upon entering the Marvel offices for the first time he was greeted by the same Submissions Editor, Len Kaminski, who had corresponded with the young Panosian years earlier. On his office wall was a “thank you” illustration from the 14-year-old Dan Panosian.


After working on back-up features for Captain America, Batman, Spider-Man and Thor, Panosian’s work caught the eye of the artistic teams working on the X-Men line of comic books where he became a regular inker. When Marvel’s top artistic talents left to form Image Comics he was asked to join them and began illustrating comics that often sold close to a million copies each month, sometimes more.


Since then Panosian has been an in-demand cover artist for Marvel and DC, and done series for Image, Dark Horse, Boom! and Dynamite. He also founded Dan Panosian, Inc., through which he began doing advertising work and design and storyboard artwork for movie studios, commercials and video games. 


Fun fact: he made the fake comic book covers seen in the film Logan, as Marvel Comics did not allow the use of actual comic book issues!

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The files are ready and will be going straight to the printer after the end of the campaign. Expected delivery time  to our fulfillment center after all signatures and remarques are done is roughly three to four months after that, but with the current state of supply chain shortages there could always be slight delays. We're aiming for a December 2022  delivery date and Zoop will keep supporters updated throughout this process.

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