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We Are Scarlet Twilight #4 and Hardcover Collection

by Benjamin Morse


Gorgeously presented in Benjamin Morse’s inimitable artistic style, as he writes, pencils, inks, and colors the entire series, it's the next chapter of the thrilling cyberpulp adventure, along with the exclusive collection of all four epic issues into a deluxe hardcover with 20+ pages of extra material!

Get the book, a single issue, or both! This is the ultimate campaign for We Are Scarlet Twilight fans!

If you're a fan of Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon serials, Fleischer Bros Superman cartoons, Golden Age Comics or old school horror and crime stories, We Are Scarlet Twilight is made for you!


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PDF version of issue #4

28 page digital comic




PDF version of Issue #4 Deluxe Extras Edition

40 page digital comic (includes 12 pages of extra backmatter, sketches, etc)




Print Edition of Issue #4 Standard Cover

28 page comic




Print Edition of Issue #4 Variant Cover

Variant, 28-page comic




Print Edition of Issue #4 Deluxe Extras Edition

40 page comic (includes 12 pages of extra backmatter, sketches, etc)




All Versions of Issue #4!

Get all 3 covers!




Deluxe Hardcover Collection

Collects Issues #1-4, 120 pages, slightly oversized (7.6" x 11"), contains 20+ pages of extra materi...




Hardcover + Issue #4 Bundle

Get the Hardcover Collection and Issue #4 at a bundled price!


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Get All Individual Issues #1-4

These are the final copies available from the first print runs for Issues #1-3, combined with the ne...




Retailer Bundle - Issue #4

Five Issue #4's at 50% off for Retailers Only




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Three Hardcovers at 50% off for Retailers Only




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PDF version of issue #1

Digital copy of #1




PDF version of Issue #1 Deluxe Extras Edition

Digital copy of #1 + 12 pages of extra backmatter, sketches, etc


9 / 10


Print Edition of Issue #1 Deluxe Extras Edition

40 page comic (includes 12 pages of extra backmatter, sketches, etc)




PDF version of issue #2

Digital copy of #2




PDF version of Issue #2 Deluxe Extras Edition

Digital copy of #2 + 12 pages of extra backmatter, sketches, etc


8 / 9


Print Edition of Issue #2 Deluxe Extras Edition

40 page comic (includes 12 pages of extra backmatter, sketches, etc)




PDF version of issue #3

Digital copy of #3




PDF version of Issue #3 Deluxe Extras Edition

Digital copy of #3 + 12 pages of extra backmatter, sketches, etc


Which brings us to the brand new...

We Are Scarlet Twilight issue #4

Captain Lancet and the Maxie Militia seem to be defeated- their attempt to free the world from the sinister forces of Scarlet Twilight has failed. But Captain Lancet has one last plan up his sleeve. It means he'll have to go back to face Madame Satanika and her army of vampires alone - but if he can survive long enough, he just may be able to bring a hidden ally into the fight! The odds are against him - but Captain Lancet's not going down without a fight! The final battle unfolds in We Are Scarlet Twilight #4!
If you're ready to add this full epic story to your bookshelf or coffee table, the Deluxe Hardcover Collection that you can only find here comprises the full run of We Are Scarlet Twilight issues #1-4, with 20+ pages of extras that you won't want to miss out on!
"Fun yet brutal in places, the world of Scarlet Twilight has arrived with style, swagger and REAL substance behind it and with writing, art, colouring, lettering & pretty much everything else in the hands of one man it’s an outstanding achievement."
- G-Man (Comics Anonymous)


Here's a sneak peek at Issue #4:




Original Art

All of the following pages are for sale in the Add-Ons section above


Issue #1 Page 3  /  Issue #1 Page 5


Issue #1 Page 16  /  Issue #2 Page 17


Benjamin Morse is a comics artist/writer and freelance graphic designer based in Hudson Valley, NY. He published August:Purgatory Underground in 2022 through Red 5 Comics, We Are Scarlet Twilight on Kickstarter, and the upcoming August: Terminus Angels and Scarlet Twilight: Cobalt Crisis.

Stretch Goals


Issue #4 and the hardcover collection should be done right around the end of campaign. Ben has 3 pages to go on #4 and the month of the campaign to put together all the extras for the book, and then we'll be ready to head to the printers.


We anticipate a late summer '23 fulfillment after a successful campaign, and will provide updates and communicate any delays that may pop up.

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