John Paul Leon's THE WINTER MEN Artist's Edition

by John Paul Leon (Art, Cover & Story) and Brett Lewis (Story)

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THE WINTER MEN is the project John Paul Leon was most proud of. None of its gorgeous artwork has ever been sold or left his Miami studio, except to be scanned for this book. Now, as a tribute to the renowned artist, JP’s closest friends have united to publish an Artist's Edition of this modern comics masterpiece, with all proceeds proudly going to JP’s wife and daughter.

Please pledge your support and join JP's studio-mates and Project Organizers Tommy Lee Edwards & Bernard Chang, Book Editor & Project Initiator Scott Dunbier, and artists Bill Sienkiewicz, Lee Weeks, Duncan Fegredo, Sean Phillips, Kim Jung Gi, Denys Cowan, Walter Simonson and Joe Quesada (who are all contributing brand new art prints and pin-ups) in celebration of an astonishing and inspiring body of work. John Paul Leon’s THE WINTER MEN Artist’s Edition features 184 pages of full-size 12 x 17 scans of all of the original comic art pages, along with never-before-seen concepts, layouts, sketches, unused art and pin-ups.

"One of the greatest artists of our generation, he was also one of the nicest and most talented creators one could be lucky enough to have met. So young and still creating the very best work of his career. I remain in awe of both his unrivaled draftsmanship and his stellar designwork - both of which were simply unparalleled & technically just so precise & perfect. But what really made me a fan was how he squeezed in every bit of emotion & life in every image he created."
*Grateful acknowledgement to IDW Publishing for allowing us to use the term Artist's Edition for this book