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Won’t Back Down Anthology

by Trina Robbins + Various

Comics legend Trina Robbins is fighting the rogue Supreme Court with over 30 storytellers from all around the world to publish a pro-choice anthology.

Proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood.


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E-reader file access to Won’t Back Down Anthology. 100+ pages




The Book

Physical copy of the Won’t Back Down Anthology TPB + E-reader. 8.5" x 11", Softcover, 100+ pages.


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Virtual Event + The Book

Celebrate the anthology with Trina Robbins and Won't Back Down contributors in a virtual launch part...




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Six copies of the physical copy of the Won’t Back Down Anthology TPB at wholesale pricing. For Retai...




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If you want to have your name listed in the THANK YOU section of the book, you can add any increment...


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The Complete Kitteenies by Leeann Hamilton - Digital Copy

Kitteenies is a kid-friendly 36-page comic about three cute kittens and a host of other characters t...


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The Unfinished Corner signed by Dani Colman

Signed copy of the winner of the 2021 VLA Graphic Novel Diversity Award in the Youth category


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Nubia Print by Ryan Oakley

11 x 17 on watercolor paper, signed by Ryan


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Dorothy Pittman Hughes Portrait by Ryan Oakley

12 x 15 Glicée on cotton rag, signed by Ryan

The Project

In 1973, the Supreme Court gave women the right to make decisions over the care of their own bodies. A mere fifty years later, a rogue Supreme Court has taken that right away. Today, over 32 states have banned or severely restricted abortion. We’re fighting back as best we can, with pens and brushes, paper and ink, to produce a pro-choice anthology, Won’t Back Down, featuring the work of over 30 artists, writers, inkers, and colorists, and we’re giving the profits to Planned Parenthood. We need $8,500 dollars to pay for printing and related costs.


With Won’t Back Down, Trina Robbins has created an important anthology that celebrates women who fight for justice. This is an essential crowdfunding project for anyone interested in women's rights, free speech, or simply great comics.



Miscarry by Lee Marrs / A Lonely Childhood by Grace Gordon, Joelle Barreto, Grace Desmarais, and Isabell Struble
Forced Birth Nation by Eve Furchgott / Careless Love: UnWanted Pregnancy in Folk Song by Sharon Rudahl



Award-winning herstorian and writer Trina Robbins has been writing books, comics, and graphic novels for nearly fifty years. She has written and drawn comics from Honey West to Barbie, and was the first woman to draw Wonder Woman. Her books The Brinkley Girls: The Best of Nell Brinkley's Cartoons from 1913–1940 (Fantagraphics, 2009) and Tarpe Mills and Miss Fury (IDW Publishing, 2011) were nominated for Eisner awards and Harvey awards. Her all-ages graphic novel Chicagoland Detective Agency: The Drained Brains Caper (Graphic Universe, 2010), the first in a six-book series, was a Junior Library Guild Selection. Her most recent books are Gladys Parker, a life in comics, a passion for fashion (Hermes Press, 2022), and the Eisner winning The Flapper Queens (Fantagraphics, 2020)


In 2013, Robbins was voted into the Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame.

Stretch Goals



The book is finished! All we have to do is print and fulfill supporter rewards!


We anticipate a fall '23 fulfillment after a successful campaign, and Zoop will provide updates and communicate any delays that may pop up.

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