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Resolution Oversized Hardcover

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by Ron Marz, Andy Lanning, Rick Leonardi and Netho Diaz

• 9 x 12 Oversized Hardcover, 84 pages

• A legendary member of an outer-space corps of heroes has withdrawn to a remote world in solitude. But her past catches up to her as former comrades arrive to convince her to come back and bring a former arch-nemesis to justice.

• RESOLUTION is an epic new tale by the masters of cosmic storytelling, Ron Marz and Andy Lanning (who’s also handling inking duties for the project). Originally slated for Rick Leonardi on pencils, changes occurred that took him off the project, but not before he provided the main cover artwork, character and world designs and a few interior spreads for the book. Fortunately, Marz and Lanning were able to recruit rising superstar Netho Diaz to take over the remaining art duties, and enlisted Paul Pelletier, Bart Sears and Tom Raney to handle bonus stories and flashbacks.

• Also includes pin-ups by Liam Sharp, Phil Jimenez, Greg Broadmore, Wes Craig, Paul Pelletier, Ron Lim, Bart Sears, Luke Ross, Jeff Johnson and others.