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How to submit a project

If you are interested in running a crowdfunding campaign on Zoop, you’ve come to the right place! First, a quick explanation:

Zoop launched in mid 2021 as a curated and full service crowdfunding platform, running campaigns and handling all printing/manufacturing and fulfillment for select established creators and publishers. While we’ll still service those clients, starting in 2022, due to an influx of creators looking for new homes for their crowdfunding projects, we are opening up the platform and accepting submissions from creators to run their own campaigns on it.

The goal is to ultimately have the entire process automated, but it takes time and resources to get to that point. We will continue to develop the site to make this part more seamless, but, in the meantime, the best way to start the process of running your own campaign on Zoop is:

  1. E-mail us at hello@wearezoop.com with details on your project.

  2. The team here will quickly review it to ensure that we are keeping Zoop a safe and welcome place for all voices, and that no harm comes from any of the campaigns being run on the platform.

  3. Zoop will then manually create your campaign page for you after having you fill out a form with all of the information we’ll need in order to populate that page (like reward info, summaries & bios) and provide all of the assets (like artwork & video).

While you don’t need to have a finished product in order to run a campaign, we’ve found that having as much of the work completed as possible is always beneficial to the campaign for several reasons. It instills faith in the supporters. It helps you get coverage in the press by offering previews to review sites, and can possibly intrigue retailer support as well. Of course, with crowdfunding, there are no guarantees, but you certainly want to give yourself the best chance of success possible!

“This all sounds great so far!”, you might be thinking. “But what’s it cost me?” Let’s get to that. For campaigns like this, there is a flat fee to Zoop of 10% of campaign funds. Here are some of the services included in that fee

  • Platform fee

  • Credit Card Processing Fee

  • Weight-based shipping calculator

  • Pre-campaign page creation - including e-mail signup form

  • Campaign page creation

  • Light campaign page administration

  • Fielding inquiries at hello@wearezoop.com (we have no Comments section on our campaign pages, so if supporters have questions or want to get in touch, they can either e-mail us or reach out to you directly)

  • Posting Updates on the campaign page that you create, and e-mailing them out to supporters/signups

  • Charging of all supporter credit cards

  • Post-campaign delivery of spreadsheet including all supporter names, emails, shipping addresses and pledges (Zoop collects all of this info during this campaign, so there are no surveys that need to go out afterwards)

  • Light pledge management / delinquent charges assistance

  • Support and promotion from Zoop social channels and e-mail blasts

Everything else related to the campaign, including marketing, printing/manufacturing and fulfillment, will be handled by the individual creators.

Zoop’s fees are on the back end of a successful campaign, meaning there are no up front fees. After collecting all campaign funds, Zoop will deduct its 10%, then make a payment to the creator for the remainder of the funds. Creators maintain 100% ownership and control of their property.

If you are a creator interested in working with us or learning more about our platform and services, please reach out to us at hello@wearezoop.com.

We look forward to working with as many of you as we can!