The Other Happy Place - Chapter 0

by Jessi Sheron

This Chapter 0 to the cosmic horror story The Other Happy Place will serve as the project's Art Book.

The story concerns Vinnie, a young woman who travels to another dimension run by bizarre otherworldly beings, Vinnie is exploring and trying to stay alive, while documenting her adventure in the form of a journal.


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Yw7yJsco 2

Impostor Syndicate

by Matt D. Wilson and Rodrigo Vargas

It's the role of a lifetime.

What happens when a supervillain dies on the job, or just gets too old for this $#!+ and retires? Well, somebody's gotta step up and put on the mask. And actors have to work, don't they?

For fans of superhero satires like The Tick and stories that mix celebrity culture with superheroes like X-Statix.


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24 18: 24 : 16

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