SERENO - Exclusive Hardcover Collection

by Luciano Vecchio

Meet SERENO, the Mystic Master of Light and guardian of New Teia, a city where magic and science intertwine by night!

Created by Luciano Vecchio (Iceman, Ironheart, Champions, and DC Pride), this personal tale of a super hero fighting for his community and to understand his own heart is a deeply personal work for the creator and LGBTQ rights advocate.

Collecting Sereno #1-3, this hardcover includes loads of exclusive extras and a brand new cover designed for this special release by Luciano Vecchio!


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Full Tilt

by Jason Copland

After five years of hard work, passion and sacrifice, the epic indie crime-scifi-noir comic by Jason Copland is FINALLY being collected here for the first time!

FULL TILT is a perfect book for those that love gritty noir tales, dystopian future realities and kinetic black and white art. Think Sin City meets The Godfather in the setting of Blade Runner.

This soon-to-be modern day classic is presented in a slick 320-page oversized 7.8" x 12" hardcover.


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Comics from the Kitchen

by Foreign Press Comics

This is a unique combination cookbook/comic anthology that not only captures 20+ amazing stories, many of which are taken right from their creators’ memories, but it also includes delicious recipes, from comfort foods like Alberto Valesco’s lasagna, to family recipes like Jimmy Gaspero’s dad’s meatballs, to decadent desserts like Rowena Zahnrei’s cannoli cream layer cake, and international recipes like Wren Rios’ pinchos del puente.

Scroll down for the full list of all creators contributing stories and recipes!


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Just Another Swamp Song

by Danny Djeljosevic & CJ Camba

A pseudo-romantic teen horror comedy about an outcast and her best friend, an increasingly murderous swamp monster. Could things get worse? Yes, it takes place in Florida.

For fans of Swamp Thing, The Shape of Water, Mean Girls, American Horror Story, Heathers & Jennifer’s Body.


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Trailer Park Warlock tarot

by Matt Rainwater

From Matt Rainwater, creator of the hit Webtoon Original series Trailer Park Warlock, comes a divinatory companion for the working class witch or warlock in your life!

For fans of Midnight Gospel, Discworld, Dungeons and Dragons, Good Omens, and comedic supernatural fantasy.


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