Hack/Slash: The Card Game

by Zoop Games


The long running comic book series Hack/Slash is coming back to crowdfunding, but this time…fans will do the slashing! Fan-favorite “Slasher” villains from the series’ 20 year history will terrorize 1-6 players in a pulse-pounding deck building card game that recreates key events from the comics!

Players will play as the heroes, Cassie and Vlad, and build up their decks with more powerful attacks, combos, and special moves. The core game comes with a “Double-Feature” offering two villainous Slashers from the Hack/Slash universe, with more expansions and Slashers to come!

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Jim Starlin's BREED Omnibus

by Jim Starlin

He has taken you to the stars and beyond, now Jim Starlin takes you to Hell. Starlin’s other epic creator-owned series, Breed, is the story of Raymond Stoner, a down-on-his-luck ex-soldier who discovers his true heritage: he is the half-breed spawn a demon father and a human mother. Now Raymond must defend our world from demonic hordes, all while trying not to lose own humanity.

Collected by Monkey Wrench Press for the first time ever in a hardcover, the Breed Omnibus contains all three Breed series, plus a wealth of extras, at more than 550 pages of Jim Starlin goodness!

"This, I believe, was the best work I ever did. I rank the BREED series even over my Thanos and Dreadstar series. It’s, quite simply, my favorite creation." - JIM STARLIN


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Swayonce: The Mini Artbook by SWAYART

by Joshua Sway

For the past few years, cover artist Joshua “Sway” Swaby has lit the comics industry on fire.

Having handled variant cover duties several times in short order for Marvel & DC, Sway is now taking matters into his own hands with his new art book showcasing his sketches, commissions and process work.


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